Laughter is brightest

         where Food Is Best

~Irish Proverb



Dirt Road Catering Services 

Corporate Meeting Catering 

Breakfast Meeting?

Lunch Meeting?

We can serve buffet or family style menu options that will sure to be a hit at you're meeting. 

Community Event Catering

We pride ourselves by providing great food for your event. Be it supper, midnight lunch or just a little yummy something to fufil your liquor licence requirements. We have delicious choices to make your event perfect!

Wedding Catering 

Catering your wedding is as important to us as it is for you. Quality, taste & presentation is what's on the buffet menu.  

Funeral / Intimate Family Catering 

Leave the work to us! We have many types of luncheon  or tea time menu choices to feed your family & friends at affordable prices.  

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